REU Spotlight: Karla M. Alemán-Alicea

REU Spotlight: Karla M. Alemán-Alicea

Home institution

University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus 

Year in school

Rising junior


Mechanical Engineering

Why type of research are you conducting during your REU?

"My work compares different methods for the measurement of the surface tension of a monolayer. This tension varies according to the lipid composition."

REU mentor

Dr. Eric Freeman 

What are you enjoying about your REU experience – and how do you think the experience will benefit you in the future?

"This experience has taught me what day-to-day life is like in a laboratory and this will help me decide as to whether I want to continue my graduate studies or not. I have also learned how to use some lab instruments and some lab techniques, which is going to be useful for future research experiences."

What are your impressions of UGA and Athens and have you enjoyed your time here?

"UGA seems to be a university that offers many opportunities to its students. It also has a very nice campus where students can relax after a long day. What I like the most about Athens is the food variety and the people. There is food from many countries, and it is fun to visit each of those places to try new things. As for the people, everyone that I have met has been really nice to me."