Paul D. Coverdell Center
Dean's and Administrative Offices
500 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, GA 30602
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Driftmier Engineering Center
Engineering instructional facilities with more than 110,000 square feet of
classroom, laboratory and office space

597 DW Brooks Drive
Athens, GA 30602
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Boyd Graduate Research Studies
Faculty offices and engineering research laboratory and testing facilities
DW Brooks Drive
Athens, GA 30602
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Riverbend South​
Faculty offices and engineering research laboratory and testing facilities
220 Riverbend Rd.
Athens, GA 30602​
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Whitehall/Engineering Education and Research Campus (EERC)
Large-scale research and testing facility for all engineering disciplines; educational venue
1151 E. Whitehall Rd.
Athens, Ga 30605
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Instructional Labs

The College of Engineering’s state-of-the-art interdisciplinary Instructional Laboratories occupy 23,000 sq. ft. of newly-renovated space and span all programs in the College. The Instructional Labs facilitate a hands-on learning experience for students in lab-based courses and for other lab-based projects including those in Capstone Design and for Undergraduate Research.

The Materials Testing and Heat Transfer Laboratory in Driftmier 1301 contains equipment for tension/compression testing, motor/torque/fatigue testing, heat transfer demonstration, and beam bending experiments. This lab supports a variety of courses offered in mechanical and biochemical engineering.

The Systems Simulation Laboratory in Driftmier 1304 is a computer-based classroom with collaborative and teaching space containing advanced workstations with design and simulation software. This lab supports programming and design courses across disciplines within the College.

The Systems Design Laboratory in Driftmier 1310 is another computer-based classroom with advanced workstations with design and simulation software. This lab also supports programming, design, and simulation courses across disciplines within the College.

The Mechanical, Thermal, and Fluid Systems Laboratory in Driftmier 1311 includes tools and equipment including pumps, hydraulics (machine and water), flow measurement tools, and much more to support learning for all our engineering students in introductory to advanced lab-based engineering courses.

The Environmental and Biological Systems Laboratory in Driftmier 1314 contains a variety of tools and equipment to measure water quality, perform biological reactions and fermentations, and much more. This Lab supports courses in biological, biochemical, environmental, and agricultural engineering.

The Tissue Culture Laboratory offers all-new capabilities for the College. The Lab is located in Driftmier 1314A and facilitates advanced biological and biochemical experimentation giving students hands-on experience growing, isolating, and processing bacterial and mammalian cells.

The Design and Discovery Lab in Driftmier 1350 is an open-access space for all students to utilize for collaborative class projects, Capstone projects, and research projects. Resources in the Lab include presentation tools, graphics workstations, a large collaborative space, vented soldering stations, and 3D printing and digitizing (2D and 3D) capabilities. Presentation tools include wireless-enabled projection, a smart podium,  and markerboards.

The Process Automation Laboratory in Driftmier 1355 houses a variety of automation equipment for students to learn how to program PLCs and other controllers for robots, conveyors, drones, actuators and much more. This lab also supports design and research projects for mechanical, electrical, and computer systems engineering students.

The Measurement Systems Laboratory in Driftmier 1361 includes infrastructure and equipment for advanced optics and photonics experiments, mechanical systems testing/calibration, microscopy, and 3D object visualization and digitization. The Lab supports course in mechanical, electrical, biomedical, and computer systems engineering.

The Biochemical Processes Laboratory in Driftmier 1367 supports experimentation for biochemical, biological, electrical, and mechanical engineering courses with equipment for chemical reactions, process control and sensing, and chemical preparation and analysis. This lab along with the Tissue Culture and Environmental and Biological Systems Labs share a dual chemical hood and chemical storage room.