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Riverbend Research Highlight Series

Riverbend Research Highlight Series

The Riverbend Research Highlight Series (RRHS) provides a forum for graduate and undergraduate researchers in the University of Georgia's Riverbend Research Laboraties to share exciting research highlights with their colleagues. These accessible, high-level presentations encourage cross-disciplinary communication and promote awareness of the UGA College of Engineering's  diverse programs.

The Riverbend Research Highlight Series features research seminars spanning a broad range of areas, including biomedical devices, tumor cells, analysis of global plastic waste, photo-bioelectrochemistry of cyanobacteria, characterization of lipid bilayers, aerosol science, and combustion science.

The speakers for the 2018 RRHS are (front row, left to right) Priya Singha, Amy Brooks, Baviththira Suganthan, Alanna Koritzke, (back row, left to right) Elio Challita, Kai Atwi, and Yang Liu.

2018 RRHS Speakers and Topics

Kai Atwi
“Combustion Aerosols: The Link Between Their Optical Properties and Molecular Sizes”

Group: Professor Rawad Saleh
Chair: Michelle Mansour

Priya Singha
“Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymers: a Novel Way to Combat Infections and Hemocompatibility Issues in Biomedical Devices”

Group: Professor Hitesh Handa
Chair: Li Chen

Yang Liu
"Integrated Ferrohydrodynamic Separation of Circulating Tumor Cells”

Group: Professor Leidong Mao
Chair: Jackie Wang

Alanna Koritzke
"Combustion Chemistry of Advanced Biofuels"

Group: Professor Brandon Rotavera
Chair: Jay Cheng

Amy Brooks
"An Evaluation of the Global Trade of Plastic Waste and Impacts of the New Chinese Import Ban"

Group: Professor Jenna Jambeck
Chair: Jacob Davis

Baviththira Suganthan
“Photo-Bioelectrochemistry of Cyanobacteria Lacking Respiratory Terminal Oxidases”

Group: Professor Rajarama Ramasamy
Chair: Matthew Becton

Elio Challita
"Novel Micro-Membranes Electrodes for the Rapid Characterization of Lipid Bilayers"

Group: Professor Eric Freeman
Chair: Jenna Al-Saleh