Engineers Week | Daily Engineers Competition | Paper Plate Frisbee

February 18, 2019 | 12:00 PM | Driftmier Engineering Center Lobby

Each team will be required to construct a Frisbee out of the materials provided.  Teams will have a designated amount of time to construct, test, and modify their Frisbee prior to the competition.  Once the competition begins, each team will be given 3 throws.  The farthest throw for each team will be recorded and ranked against other teams participating in the competition.  Points will be awarded based on each team’s ranking.

Competition Rules:

Each student club may select up to 6 students to participate on a team.  There will be a maximum of 1 team per student club.
Each team will be provided with 6 paper plates, 12 paper clips, and 48 inches of masking tape and scissors. 
All Frisbees must be constructed at the time of the competition. 
Each Frisbee must contain no more than 3 paper plates, 6 paper clips, and 24 inches of masking tape.
Each team will be given 10 minutes to construct a Frisbee, test, and modify their design prior to the competition.
Once the competition begins, teams will take turns throwing their Frisbee.  The final resting location of each throw will be marked for each team.
Upon all teams completing three throws, teams will be ranked in order of farthest (# = total number of teams participating) to shortest throw (# = 1).


E-Week Points: Each student club will receive points based on their rank from the competition.  For example, the club with the farthest throw will receive points equal to the total number of teams participating in the E-Week Competition and clubs thereafter ranked accordingly.  Clubs that do not participate will receive a score of 0.

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