Engineers Week | Daily Engineers Competition | Egg Drop

February 21, 2019 | 12:00 PM | Coverdell Center Lobby

Teams will design and build an apparatus that will protect an egg from breaking as it freefalls.

Competition Rules:

Each student club may select one apparatus to participate in the competition.
Each team’s apparatus must be constructed prior to the competition.
The apparatus may be constructed of any material except metal, glass, or other shatterable material (for safety).  Failure to use approved materials will result in disqualification.
The apparatus without the egg may not weigh more than 1 lb (453grams).  An apparatus weighing more than this amount will result in disqualification.
The apparatus must fit within a 8in x 8in x 8in box.  If the apparatus exceeds these dimensions then it will be automatically disqualified.
The apparatus must free fall without contacting individuals or other objects.  Strings, tethers, parachutes and other air resistance devices are not allowed.
The apparatus must be designed such that the egg can be easily inserted prior to testing and easily inspected after testing.
The egg must stay inside the apparatus throughout the test duration.
Teams will receive a score as follows:

Unbroken Egg = Total Number of Teams Participating in E-Week
Broken Egg = Total Number of Teams Participating in E-Week / 2
Disqualified = Zero

E-Week Points: Each student club will receive points based on their score from the competition.

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