COVID-19 Updates and Resources

COVID-19 Updates and Resources

The College of Engineering has created this page to provide our faculty, staff and students with the latest updates and resources on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Stay informed by visiting this page regularly.

The main source of updates and information is the University's COVID-19 page, so please check it regularly. Also, University Libraries includes library resources for online classes.

A Message from Dean Leo to UGA Engineering Community

The last few weeks have been extremely challenging for all of us.  It is hard to believe only three weeks ago we started Spring Break, wished our students well, and let them know we would see them back on campus soon.  As we all know, since that time events have overtaken our university, our communities, and our nation in ways hardly anyone could have expected. Foremost on our mind in these uncertain times is the hope that you, your family, and those around you are safe and healthy. 


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For Students

 The University doesn't want technology to be a barrier to your academic progress. If you are in need of a laptop and/or a Wi-Fi hotspot, send an email to daeit@uga.edu to request a computer and/or hotspot. In the body of the email, simply state your name, 81x, and that you need a computer and/or hotspot. If you are unable to come to Athens, a few national companies are offering free or low cost internet including Charter Spectrum and Comcast.

For Faculty and Staff 

For immediate needs, please email engr-instr-suspension@uga.edu.

 Submit a technical support request